They don’t see me, but I do see them.

It hurts, burns, and bleeds inside of me, everything that we see affects who we are.

What is this life, where everyone hates everyone, where we judge by the book, and be judge?

I wish I had an answer, like a solution too, but I don’t, and you either I’m sure, it sucks let’s be realist.

 There is something that I wish would understand,why we here? Why we born in that exactly day? why people sadness makes us cry? why we love? why we get hurt?

 Why do we look the way we do? Have you ever thought about it?

 Cause I do, all the time, I love watching people, of course they don’t see me the way I see them, and I like that, I like to analyse every single person walk pass, or even who stands in the bus an early morning before another journey at work.

Trust me you will read some pretty interesting stuffs from them.

Someone once said, “that when we don’t know we been watch, that’s when our mask falls, and you just turn transparent like water.”

Is that true? I don’t know if people watch me, but I do, and is sad, or sometimes will just make me smile.

We try so hard to protect our image and hide our feelings that we forget to live. We have so many questions and we are unable to answer them.

I hope one day everything will just be explain.

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