love not love

I been hurt so many times in my love life, that I was supposed to give up, but I don’t, no everyone is the same, even if we say that every single day.

I loved so much in the past, that now I don’t think I will ever feel that again, he was beautiful and good to me, I was young and full of believes and goals in life, expecting to do everything with him, I was wrong and i fall in his trap, and in the love I had for him, love can be blind,and can play against you.

I’m waiting to feel that again, maybe I’m starting feeling it, I’m not sure, I’m to scared to let be, and let go. My fault or his?

My last lover, was intense and deep, I wait for him to come back to my arms, I dream in be hold in his arms again, I stop my life to start our, and when finally he was here, everything was different, he disappoint me, he tear me apart, he toke my smile away.

Is been a while since him, but it stills hurts in the night, when I lay down in my empty bed.

I fight to forget, but never to forgive, deep down I wish was different, but from so many chances he used all, and is nothing left.

I love been in love, I believe I’ve got so much love to give and that makes me feel good I use to think that was enough, me been the only one given love, but was and wasn’t, it hurts when you know you can change your world just to make him happy, but he’s not able to do it.

In the end I realised self-love is even more important, that any type of love, I stop loving myself to love him and that wasn’t right, was so wrong!!

Please don’t ever do it.

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