One of my favourites places I been so far was Marrakech, in Morocco.

A beautiful city and people, the food was amazing and also the people.

This was my second time in this place, this time I went to celebrate my birthday with few friends, we went out for food, visit new places and clubbing, I have to say the clubs was amazing, with just a small problem, great for men’s but no so great for women’s, there is a big quantity of women’s workers on the clubs and night times, and me as a women I was judge just for the fact I was a women and I was in the club, that didn’t ruin my holiday, is just life…

The sadness part of my holiday, was to see how many kids were on the streets begin for money or food. Me and my friend we went to McDonald’s after our night out And so many kids approach us, we say we will not give money , but we will be good for everyone, they’re so happy , they all sit with us and laugh, they try our heels and walk around, they told us they story, some didn’t had parents anymore, others they run out of the house in the night to get some money, was sad but I’m sure they had a good time that night.

I recommend to everyone Marrakech, special place Ourika, the mountains place, so beautiful, less tourist but beautiful food and nature.

Ourika is a very interesting place, if you go will understand, in the top o o he mountain snows there, hard to explain why , but snows all the time, and thanks to that the water melts and comes down to a the village and makes rivers, in this rivers people use to wash clothes others use to make restaurants next to, and that attracts to tourist is a beautiful view, when rains is a dangerous place to go, is not recommend.

I hope one day you go there!

Enjoy! Live! Eat!!!

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